Blog Series: DIY Publishing

Why DIY publishing

I used to think there were only 2 paths to publication: “Self” Publishing and Traditional Publishing. Then I was looking for some references online for Enchanted Storms and googled “self publishing” and discovered it’s not always defined the way I meant it. Turns out, there’s actually 3 paths to publication: Traditional Publishing, “Self” Publishing and […]

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DIY Publishing: Privacy

So you’ve written a spectacular book and are ready to share it with the world. Rock on! DIY Publishing is all about taking the reins of your career and not waiting for permission to share your art. Hold on for just a moment though. As tempting as it is to hit that shiny Publish button, […]

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DIY Author Branding

Every author needs to think about branding, whether you’re a DIY Publisher, a hybrid author or traditionally published. Because no matter how you’re published, you’re going to work hard for people to discover your book. Consistent author branding makes it easier for people to find you in lots of places, makes it easier for them […]

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DIY Synopsis and Bio

The thing that surprised me most as a DIY Publisher were all the things I had to do myself. Of course, once you start to connect your book to different outlets, it’s obvious. But it’s so easy to overlook things on the sideline. Like your book synopsis and author bio. Author Bio Author bios are […]

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DIY Book Cover

We all know we judge books by their covers. Whether your browsing through Goodreads, skimming over ebooks, or drifting through the library a good cover makes you want to read the synopsis. It can convince you a book might be more interesting than it sounds. When you’ve got a rockin’ novel, you want to rock […]

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DIY Book Front Matter and Back Matter

You’ve got your manuscript in top shape, but there’s more to a book than the story when your publishing it yourself. While you may have never heard of book front matter or back matter (who decided on “matter” anyway) they’re the first step to turn your hard work into a professional book. First, you need […]

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DIY Book Format

When most people think about DIY publishing, formatting the ebook is possibly the biggest void they’re unsure of. And I struggled with how to provide the important information in this step and keep it from being the most boring post ever. So, if you’re in the process of DIY Publishing, read on. If not, enjoy […]

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DIY Publish Your EBook

When it comes to the “publishing” in DIY Publishing, you’ve already done all the hard parts. Now that you’ve got all the pieces in place, the final step is basically clicking a button. Ok, a little more than clicking a button. But you’re to rock ebook publishing in no time. Accounts The first step to […]

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DIY Publish Your Paperback

It’s easy to take paperback publishing for granted. We’ve had the opportunity for years and there’s a number of different options and possibilities. The great thing about it, though, is with the ability to make your book available to the major book distributors, the only difference between you and a traditional publisher is your level […]

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