Numinous Productions is an entertainment company focused on wholesome, young adult stories.  We tell compelling stories across genres and format to delight, engage and amuse young adults of every age.

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Interested in DIY Publishing?

Check out our series that explains the difference betwee DIY and self publishing. We’ll show you how to format your ebook, protect your privacy rock your book launch!

DIY Publishing Posts

Quick Start Guide

If you just want the highlights, our quick start guide will give you the basics to get your book out into the world.

Ebook Worksheet

Getting an ebook ready isn’t hard. Our worksheet outlining everything you need for a clean, great looking ebook makes it even easier!

Easy Publishing

Looking for a way to keep yourself organized? We’ve got a clear, rock star template for each step along the way!

Book Launch

Every book needs a good launch? Or does it? We’ve got some great ideas on launching your book… or not.