How to Build an Author Website

Creating an author website is no small endeavor.  A lot of people choose to hire someone to do the heavy lifting for them.  If you’re up for it, however, you can get your website set up with a few clicks and only $12/month.

The two fundamental basics of a website are the domain and the hosting.

But before we get to that, set up your email (you’ll need it to set up both the domain and the hosting account).

Once you’ve got a Gmail account, register your domain with

Then set up your hosting account.  KVC offers stable, fast, inexpensive hosting.  Though Blue Host is the more popular, it isn’t any easier to work with or faster than KVC, it’s just more popular.

Now you’re ready to set up the actual site.  This bit is the most technical of the whole endeavor.  You need to create an instance of WordPress in your cpanel.  When you find the correct spot, it’s only a few clicks to create.
Cost: $0

Then choose a theme.
Cost: $0 / $69

Install a few plugins to help your site run more efficiently.
Cost: $0 (unless you choose any available upgrades)

Now all that’s left is to create your content.  Here’s a quick checklist of what a basic author website needs:

  • Books (info, reading order of any series, buy links)
  • About (links to social media)
  • Contact (links to social media again)
  • Newsletter sign up
  • News/Events (if you have any)