The Helion Chronicles

Cade Caelderon is handsome, charming and heir to one of the largest terraforming empires in the solar system.  But even with his resources and allies he can’t find a way to protect the people of Hadrian.

Finley hasn’t been on Jupiter long and already she’s bored.  Hacking into Caelderon Enterprises seemed like an easy score.  But she doesn’t steal from the good guys and Caelderon is as pristine as they come. 

When their paths collide, Caelderon Enterprises’ dark secret is exposed and it threatens to destroy their lives.  Or, if they can stop working against each other, it just might save them both. Jupiter Run is the first episode in The Helion Chronicles season 1—a series of episodic short fiction—each episode designed to be read in about an hour.  If you like fast paced adventure, engaging characters and a dash of sweet romance you’ll enjoy every one of The Helion Chronicles.

Rylie Makiri is convinced she can cure the uncurable.  Just 3 months out of med school—2 years early and at the top of her class—she’s traveled with the Solar Refugee Alliance to Bakshim where thousands of exiles are suffering from lunar sickness.

There is no known cause for the most terrible plague in the solar system.  And Rylie likes a challenge—one that matters; one that will make a difference in people’s lives.  That’s why she studied medicine in the first place.

But when a new SRA Director arrives her patients start dying—too early, too fast and too violently for lunar sickness.  If Rylie can’t solve this new problem it will threaten everything she knows.

Eoin isn’t reckless, no matter what anyone else thinks.  He takes risks.  He flies fast.  And he’s good at stealing technology—almost as good as he is at racing.  But the engineers of Saturn haven’t developed what he needs so far.   And he’s in over his head.  He just doesn’t know it yet.

Delanei Kayne is Eoin’s closest friend—gorgeous, fun, and his fiercest competition in any race.  She lives for the moment whether it’s a fast ship, dancing all night long or learning more about ship engineering than she could have dreamed.

Saturn is exactly where they both belong—a hive of innovation and risk—the heart of ship building for the solar system from giant cruise ships to sleek cityships.  Where race pilots like Eoin and Delanei are athletes whose fame grows with every win.

But everyone on Saturn has secrets.  Finley is hiding her past life from new friends.  Cade is hiding his identity from old “friends.”  And Eoin, he’s hiding everything… from everyone.

Finley grew up never hesitating to move in the shadows of worlds.  She walked with confidence and with power wherever she went.  But the rules are different now.

Don’t draw attention.
Stay out of trouble.
Get everything and get out.

The rogues and smugglers at the outpost on Raijin aren’t going to make it easy for the Helion crew.  And if they’re caught, it’ll cost more than coins, more than a few bumps and bruises in a fight, more than any of them can afford.

Captain Talon of Nova Patrol has pursued Cade Caelderon across the solar system—10 days, 3 worlds, barely 1 lead.  His job is to find justice for the explosions over Hadrion and on Bakshim.  But he wants to understand.  How does a rogue like Caelderon attract a crew capable of staying invisible, willing to follow Cade anywhere and seemingly intent on detonating things along the way?

Delanei never planned on getting involved on Hikari.  Helping the miners was Eoin’s idea.  Uncovering a mole was Cade’s plan.  She only wanted to install their new shields and weapons; to make the ship a little more hers and a little more home. 

But one false step forces Delanei to confront the choice she’s made to throw away her life and fly with outlaws.  And now she has to decide who’s right and who’s wrong.  And which side of the law does she want to live on?

Cade Caelderon is handsome, charming and the outlaw heir to one of the largest terraforming empires in the solar system.  If Nova Patrol ever catches him it will destroy everything his father has built.  It will disrupt the stability of 4 worlds and half a dozen moons.  And it will send Finley back into the shadows and out of his life forever.

Captain Talon is tired of chasing Cade.  His investigation into the Hadrian explosion has created more questions than it’s uncovered answers.  And now, when he finally has Caelderon in his sights, Talon’s not sure who he can trust.